Trouble in imagination paradise

Trouble in imagination paradise

Not a kind portrayal of the creator of Mickey Mouse, with a fascinating comparison between Disney with his studio — and J. Edgar Hoover with his F.B.I.  Seething over the strike by most of his animators in the 1940s, he eventually took his revenge as an F.B.I. and House UnAmerican activities committee informant, the show says.

The “Secret Lives” documentary proves absorbing. Insights into this creative giant of American arts and entertainment are gleaned through a glass darkly.

Don’t forget last week’s trivia contest. We’ll pick a winner this Wednesday (May 2) from those who leave a comment providing the correct answer to the question, what was Disney’s original name for Mickey Mouse?

The winner will be sent a link to the complete video lesson, Dauntless Design the Make Your Splashes – Make Your Marks! online course in children’s book illustration.

A big thank you to all of you who have already submitted responses!

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