“Create an illustration based on the word, light,” says illustrator Marsha Riti.

“While creating this illustration please find and think about your source(s) of inspiration: a good book, a trip recently taken, a museum visit, a walk in nature, etc…”

It’s your prompt for the June 28 workshop and group critique with The Girllustrators – a group of smart, talented women artists who years ago “united for sharing, support, and shop talk in the field of children’s illustration.”

Based in Austin, Texas, they push each other like professionals while simultaneously teaching and encouraging the KidLit community through their Tumblr blog that has attracted the notice of agents, art directors, and editors around the U.S.

For the next few months, we have them to ourselves. Starting in June, through October they’ll teach on topics of critical interest to anyone striving to create and sell artwork in children’s publishing. What to leave in vs. what to leave out. How do you know when to stop, or push harder? How do you know when it’s working? What’s your checklist for evaluating your own (and others’) pictures? What about for agencies, assignments and projects and publishing houses? 

In other words, workshops you’ve been looking for on deep process and craft, serious promotional strategies and career building for illustrators.

This Thursday’s (June 28) session wades into the wellspring for any artist, inspiration – where to find it, how to keep it, how to foster ideas for bold concepts and new techniques to try. Girllustrators will introduce themselves and show how they’ve brought some of their own ideas to effective realization and life. And they’ll talk about the pieces you’ve submitted inspired by Marsha’s prompt, light.

Come and join us around the table this Thursday for our first session of Going from Good to Great with the Girllustrators! You’ll receive details on how to upload your work and participate in this live workshop and the remaining sessions when you register.

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