Author: Mark Mitchell

“Make Your Marks and Splashes”

  The core education of this membership site is 12 (home study)  lessons:  Make Your Marks and Splashes: A Power Course on Creating Effective Illustrations for Childrens Books, Magazines and Other Media for Children.   This fun, practical unique online class will provide you with the basics of illustrating for children’s books, magazines and other media for children, and will help you with all of your art-making from now on. Those editors and art directors at children’s book publishing houses want to see samples of your color work. So expect to complete some finished, full color pieces for your story. You can upload your best piece from the course to this site, if you wish.  You’ll learn all the steps in preparing thumbnails, a book “dummy” and a submission package for an editor and/or art director at a publishing house.  You’ll discover how to use visual references, transfer sketches to a painting surface and work in an assured way with color. Learn the right methods for submitting your final art (after you land that book illustration contract!) and how to effectively market yourself and your work for future assignments.  The lessons in this home study program are by Mark Mitchell, an award winning children’s book author and illustrator. (He did the illustration at the top of this post that appeared in Appleseeds.) More about the course You’ll receive a hands-on  introduction to children’s book and magazine illustration. You’ll gain an exceptional understanding of the children’s book market and how to...

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Develop your artistic confidence here

Illustration by Mark Mitchell from The Trail North by Charlotte Baker Montgomery (Eakin Press) Congratulations! You’ve landed on a blog and an education-community site intended for you. You won’t find another site quite like this. Here you have art lessons. But they’re more than art lessons. More like revelations. You’ll find design and drawing tips. But they’re more than tips. They’re keys to easily tackle most picture-making challenges that you may face. You’ll learn how to draw without “learning how to draw.” Anyone can do this, with a high interest level, the right information and a little bit of “right practice”.  You’ll get these here. You’ll find painting instruction  — but a unique kind that can free you as it encourages and dares you to explore several painting mediums, with brush or mouse. You’ll discover how to grow your illustration from a thumbnail “seed” to a living-breathing, full-sized sketch–  and “make a scene, fusing the  skills of the draftsman with those of the storyteller. You’ll be shown what I call the “Howard Pyle Theorem” (to remind you that illustration is a special kind of theater) and the “Lynne and Tessa” factor, which proves how story imagery can reach beyond the frame and maybe the page! In monthly interviews you’ll meet successful children’s book illustrators and see how they work.  They might share some trade secrets with you. You’ll find news roundups of the field,  mini-lessons by guest artist-instructors, exposure to the books, blogs and projects of your fellow illustrators. You’ll find an online community and support group and a clearing house for an astounding array of resources and information. And gradually you’ll be able to...

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A Drawing Secret

Yes, please! I want to know the "crazy best" drawing secret!

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Richard Robinson Painting Instruction

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