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Artists, illustrators, dogged world-builders

Artists, illustrators, dogged world-builders

He never saw a jungle, because he never left his native country of France. But he brought jungles and dreams to Paris in his art. Henri Roussea’s depictions of beasts in the wild derived from what he saw at the Paris zoo, in the Museum of Natural Science, taxidermy exhibits and books of travel photographs.

Critics derided him for painting like a child. He didn’t listen to them. He had the steadfastness of the artist who goes his own way with a shrug (though he was happy to rub elbows with his fellow painters.)

His ‘naive’ pictures inspired a group of modernist painters led by Henri Matisse to call themselves the Fauves.
Rousseau’s canvases remain some of the most stunning of the Post Impressionist era. They were never seen as that, nor deemed beautiful in his lifetime. They drew neither praise nor serious attention — only smiles.


A version of this post with more videos appeared in November 2012 in the ePainting Instruction blog.

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Multicultural children's book day

Happy Multicultural Book DayLearn more.

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Painting watercolors of children: A workshop recording with Kathy Jurek

Click on the graphic to learn more about Kathy Jurek's workshop video!

 Click here or on the above graphic for access or to learn more about Kathy’s online video workshop.

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Austin SCBWI website header art by Marsha Riti

Austin SCBWI website header art by Marsha Riti

Ready for the Writer’s and Illustrator’s Working Conference?

Author Bethany Hegedus

Author Bethany Hegedus

Check out the short interviews with wonderful picture book authors Chris Barton (Shark vs. Train) and Bethany Hegedus (Grandfather Gandhi.)  They’re faculty from the Austin contingent of SCBWI who’ll join other children’s book industry professionals to answer your questions Austin, Texas Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrator’s (SCBWI) annual conference coming in just a few weeks.

Registration is underway here for the March 7-8 2015 event that will feature, in addition to Bethany and Chris, Chronicle Books children’s division art director Kristine Brogno,  Beach Lane Books Publishing senior editor Aubrey Poole,  literary agents Jill Grinberg and Victoria Wells Arms and authors and author-llustrators Don Tate, Chris Barton, C.S. Jennings and Emma Virjan. Give yourself the gift of Awesome by partying with us down in Austin!

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Mark Mitchell

Award-winning children's book author-illustrator Mark G. Mitchell teaches classes in watercolor and children's book illustration at The Contemporary Art School in Austin, Texas.

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