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One action filled storyboard

Here’s a black and white storyboard rough for an early reader illustrated by Mary Sullivan, of Austin, Texas.

The book is Jog Frog Jog by Barbara Gregorich (re-issued by School Zone Publishing for their On Track Beginning Reading series for Grades K-1.)

Mary scanned her rough original pencil sketches, pulled them up in her computer’s Photoshop program — and went to work on them with the Photoshop brush tool and other crafty tricks she’s come up with to give her computer art a painterly look. 

The publishers eventually asked for style changes, so the full color published version looks different, but this draft is too fun to ignore.

Read all about Mary  on the next post.

About The Author

Mark Mitchell

Award-winning children's book author-illustrator Mark G. Mitchell teaches classes in watercolor and children's book illustration at The Contemporary Austin Art School in Austin, Texas. He's the founder of Marks & Splashes Learning.

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  1. Mary’s magic « How To Be A Children's Book Illustrator - [...] first interviewed Mary back in 2008 on my blog. Another post showed a black and white dummy draft Mary did for the…

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