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Frequently Asked Questions

.) What can I expect from the course?

You'll be able to satisfactorily complete the illustration project you've set for yourself, be it a picture book dummy, partial dummy or some strong painted samples for a mailing or your portfolio,using the lessons as your roadmap..

You'll acquire new strategies, skill and confidence in drawing, design, color and painting. 

You'll have a 
better understanding of children's publishing and how to promote your work in this changing market. You'll have the steps for proceeding with just about any assignment, from thumbnails to full-color final art.

2.) How long does the course last?

The course is self-paced and you have a lifetime to put the lessons to practice.
But to answer your question officially, six months. 

3.) How much is it?

Tuition is $249 upfront or $54 per month for five months with the sixth month free.
This includes your membership in the online community, resource sharing site and monthly online group critiques with Mark.You also have the option to extend your membership and critiques beyond the course for a nominal monthly fee.

4.) I've never taken an art class before and can't draw a straight line. Will I be out of my depth here?

If you've never taken an art course, you'll find this an exciting introduction to drawing, painting and children's book art.

5.) I've studied art. Will this curriculum be 'old hat' for me?

Many of our students have some college backgrounds in art or paint or have even worked in art-related fields. Some of the ideas taught here may be familiar to them. Many of our students have reported that they appreciate the review.and though the course reintroduces
some familiar essential concepts, it fills in some knowledge gaps.

Make Your Splashes 
is designed to help artists at all levels meet the challenge of pictorial composition, and support all students on their paths to publication.

6.) Can this online course be a substitute for art school?

No more than taking guitar lessons at a local music shop cansubsitute for earning a university degree in music.

Still, you don't need a degree in music to play the guitar, or write and record a song.
The same goes for painting a picture.
Plenty of visual artists have been 'home schooled.' Make Your Splashes - Make Your Marks! falls in a time-honored tradition of individual study, informal classes and workshops with teachers to develop craft.

Taking classes at an accedited college or professional art school is always encouraged. But
for those unable to attend classes on the ground, good online instruction offers a powerful alternative, providing access to information quickly.

FAQs answered
or grappled with in the course:

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Pioneer girl from" Appleseeds"
Pioneer girl,  from "Appleseeds"

Draw and Paint for Children's Books
Make Your Splashes - Make Your Marks!
A self-paced online course on creating effective illustrations for children's books magazines and other media for kids. 
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