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                    Mark Mitchell

Cast a Happy Spell Over Your

Paintings and Illustrations

(before you start them.)

Award-winning children's book author-illustrator
Mark Mitchell reveals the simple formula
of slam dunk design.

Enchanting from DDD module
Virtual representation. Course is available as an instant download.

Originally part of Mark's "Make Your Splashes;Make Your Marks" online course on illustrating books and other media for children, Session # 12 of the course
(Enchanting the Rectangle) is now also available as a separate tutorial.

It shows you how to keep your compositions perennially interesting and fresh by applying just a simple idea of geometry, a tiny snippet of ...ugh (I know)... math!

But be kind to your art. Use the wizardly equation of Dauntless Design.


    In Dauntless Design
, you'll discover...
  • How to locate an invisible, but critical grid that lies hidden under your picture's surface -- before you even start to draw. (Once you do, you can confidently organize your picture space!)

  • The big hedgehog idea of spatial relationships that students go to expensive art schools to learn (and don't always, because it's not explained very well usually.)

  • How the ancient Greeks defined a perfect composition. (Turns out they were right! And you can use their definition to quickly fix most of your "problem drawings.")

  • What's been described as "nature's most beautiful number" -- and how (once you get its signficance) you'll start to use it as much as your pencil and eraser.

  • How to tune in to the cosmic rhythm in your art, so you'll create cosmically better.

        Draw and paint with the "pulse of the universe." 

        Learn the magical secrets of Dauntless Design

while the lesson is available separately - 

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Don't just order and tuck the material away on your computer and forget about the 
wealth of information it contains. 
Open the lesson. Watch the videos. Try out the ideas here. If you're disappointed or anything less than pleased with the lesson you find in "Dauntless Design", e-mail me within 30 days of receiving the lesson. I'll refund you with no questions asked and no hassles. My reputation as a teacher is based on your complete satisfaction. I want the risk to be 100 percent mine.

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Make Your Splashes - Make Your Marks!
A self-paced, online course on drawing and painting for books and other children's media  
Content © Copyright 2010 by Mark G. Mitchell. All Rights Reserved

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