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Compose Your Pictures Like a Pro     

 Let author-illustrator Mark Mitchell show you how to achieve fine
(cunning, really) draftsmanship in your illustrative artwork.
Dynamic Drawing and Design
Virtual representation. Course is available as an instant download.

These fun, easy video and PDF sessions (15 in all) will show you how to create the confident, living line art that will serve as the blueprints for your paintings.

Originally part of Mark's "Make Your Splashes;Make Your Marks" online course on illustrating books and other media for children, Dynamic Drawing and Design is now also available as a stand-alone course.


    Just a few of the professional tips you'll get inside these casual sessions: 
  • A scribbled start -- the right way to start your first drawings for your story (Session 1) 
  • How to fascinate the viewer's eye (Session 14) 
  • Picture reference "best practices"
  • How to 'embrace' the 3-D round world to fit your 2-D picture space
  • The true secret of design (Session 12)
  • Setting up your 'puppet stage'  
  • Two drastically different approaches to drawing what you see – and why you should take both for the same picture (Sessions 1,2,8) 
  • How to draw figures in action and multiple figures (Session 16)
  • The ' Lynne and Tessa' factor and how to engage your viewers' participation (Session 15)
  • How to use visual references without killing the life in your illustrations -- or violating copyright laws (Sessions 8-9) 
  • How to draw interiors so viewers feel like they're really on the inside.
    (Sessions 11-13) 
  • Top tricks for drawing people and children (Session 17) 
  • How to keep your sketches alive through your entire story layout. (Sessions 8-10)
  • Best, simple ways to transfer your pencil sketches to a painting surface (Sessions 1-13)

      Bring out your Super Sketcher within 

        Learn Dynamic Drawing and Design


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But don't just order, tuck the PDFs and videos away on your computer and forget about the 
excellent material in them. 
Go into these 15 unconventional sessions, try out the ideas. See if they help you build a much better drawing. 

If you're disappointed or anything less than pleased with the instruction
e-mail me (mark@HowtoBeAChildrensBookIllustrator.com) within 30 days of receiving the course. 
I'll refund you with no hassles and no questions asked. My reputation as a teacher is based on your complete satisfaction. I want the risk to be 100 percent mine.

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Make Your Splashes - Make Your Marks!
A self-paced, online course on drawing and painting for books and other children's media  
Content © Copyright 2010 by Mark G. Mitchell. All Rights Reserved

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