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“Let’s Board It Up!” The Magic of the Storyboard

This Google Video clip from the promo documentary Finding Lady: The Art of Storyboarding  has been circulating around the art and cartoon blogs recently. Disney animator Eric Goldberg explains how the Disney artists have always used storyboards as a developmental first step in their animation productions. The clip goes on to show how movie makers from Alfred Hitchcock to Kevin… Read More

Awesome Austin Writers roll up their T-shirt sleeves

A mega-critique of 26 children’s and YA published and soon-to-be-published authors, the Awesome Austin Writers Workshop  ended Sunday, June 29, and everyone drove home in shock.  Shock because it was over and had gone so well and we realized  that we weren’t coming back to hang out with each other again the next day. The workshop took place in the 1920s-vintage Austin, Texas home of authors Greg and Cynthia… Read More