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A ‘Writing Process’ post

Students at the The Contemporary Austin Art School at Laguna Gloria

My friend, San Antonio SCBWI Illustrators Coordinator Akiko White recently tagged me to take part in the Writing Process Blog Tour. It was fun because it got me thinking about how the kind of online journalism I’ve been doing lately is much like the writing I’ve always done as an author-illustrator of three books for upper elementary… Read More

When kids’ book illustrators go wild…

Children’s book author-illustrator Jeff Crosby says he came up with the idea for his funny new picture book, Wiener Wolf  (Hyperion) while he was in the shower one day. For a long while after that he asked his wife author-illustrator Shelley Ann Jackson if she would write the story for him so he could paint it.… Read More

Terrific “Toons”

“Graphic novels” for little bitty kids? Comics for children age four and up? Not such a preposterous idea.  The intuitive narrative form of comics is a whole another kind of reading. Searching words, pictures and panels for clues to events big and small in a story is a more active experience than watching video on… Read More

“Toast” Trumps

Could it have been the book trailer that led to the exciting  publishers’ auction for the picture book proposal Toast Friday? Or was it just the exquisite digital and mixed media paintings by illustrator-author and animation concept artist Clint Young. Young’s imagery for his story of Toast, a sweet pig on a quest for someone… Read More