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"You're About to 
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Award-winning children's book author-illustrator Mark Mitchell
will share the secret of unlocking  beautiful color in your artwork.

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Inside this free, fun series of PDF Power Sessions, you'll  discover...

  • The real job that color must do in your painting. (Knowing this will transform how you think about color in your art!)  

  • How to knock years off your learning curve w/handling watercolor. 

  • How to easily control and leverage the colors in your palette -- so  that every hue in your picture sings. 

  • A ' laser accurate' Color Wheel that you probably won't find in art stores, but you'll make yourself. (The Renaissance painters had to make their own, too.) You won't believe the results it will bring you!

  • Five enchanted color relationships. Use any one of them to bring poetry to your picture! Ignore their magic at your peril.
  • How to never again feel confused or limited by your color choices in painting.
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