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Discover How To Make Color Work For You 

in Every Picture You Paint!

Award-winning children's book author-illustrator Mark Mitchell

will share the secret of unlocking beautiful color in your artwork.

Power color module
Virtual representation. Course is available as an instant download.

Originally part of Mark's "Make Your Splashes;Make Your Marks!" online course on illustrating books and other media for children, Power Color is now available as a stand-alone course. 

If you're feeling "color clueless", these insightful, easy instruction videos and PDFS will transform you into a color ninja in just a few short hours. Guaranteed.

    Inside this fun series of video and PDF Power Sessions,
  you'll discover...

  • The real job that color must do in your painting. (Knowing this will transform your art!)  

  • How to knock years off your learning curve in handling watercolor. 

  • How to easily control and leverage all of the colors in your palette -- so  that every hue in your picture sings. 

  • A ' laser accurate' Color Wheel that you'll make yourself. (It's OK. The Renaissance painters had to make their own, too.) You won't believe the results it will bring you!

  • Five enchanted color relationships. Use any one of them to bring poetry to your picture! Ignore their magic at your peril.

  • How to never again feel confused or limited by your color choices in painting.

        Paint with a new "color knowing" that will delight you. 

        Learn the keys to Power Color

Only while course is available separately - $67

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Don't order,  tuck the PDFs and videos away on your computer and forget about the 
excellent material that’s in them.  
Go into these three sessions, try out the ideas and discover how exciting painting can be when you think about color in a particular way , which you'll be shown in this short course.
If you're disappointed or anything less than pleased with the Power Color lessons
e-mail me (mark@HowtoBeAChildrensBookIllustrator.com) within 60 days of receiving the course. 

I'll refund you with no questions asked and no hassles. My reputation as a teacher is based on your complete satisfaction with this material. I want the risk to be 100 percent mine. -- Mark Mitchell

Guarantee badge

"A huge sigh of relief..."

   "In all of my research (on-line and in books) in the last several years, I have never come across a clearer, more work-able approach to color that can be applied practically to a painting...and I have looked far and wide for this information, recognizing that it was of major importance.... The need for a sustainable, predictably successful approach to color, for illustration as well as fine art, became crystal clear to me when I switched from oil painting to watercolors...the old 'keep messing with it until it's right' approach just was NOT working with watercolor... (Is this the 'shadow' side of watercolor's wonderfulness...unforgiving??)

"As you predicted, the results are immediately recognizable. I heave a huge sigh of relief!

"In HUGE appreciation,
Susan Sorrell Hill

"...A sense of freedom I've
never known before."
"Your course has given me a new burst of energy and 
excitement. I feel like a child again playing with the
paint and my own imagination, but with a much firmer
foundation. I can now actually understand why a
painting I gave up on didn't work. It's amazing.
It's a sense of freedom I've never known before.

Thanks again,
Linda Bray

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Make Your Splashes - Make Your Marks!
A self-paced, online course on drawing and painting for books and other children's media  
Content © Copyright 2010 by Mark G. Mitchell. All Rights Reserved

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