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FAQS  about Power Color

.) What can I expect from this color course?

You'll have a dynamic new understanding of the spectrum and how to orchestrate and control your paint colors  to achieve predictable, note-perfect color harmony in your pictures.

2.) How long will it take me?

As long as it takes to 90 pages of easy reading, illustrated PDF lessons
and/or watch 21 short (five minute) videos.

You'll see results as soon as you start applying the ideas to your paintings.

How much is it?

Two options -- You can purchase the Power Color complete set with videos and PDFs for
$97. You'll have access to the Make Your Splashes online illustrators community and resource sharing site and the monthly group critique calls (one year.).

Or you can purchase only the PDF lessons that will effectively teach you Power Color for $67. This does not include the videos, the online community or monthly webcalls.

You'll see where to select either option on the enrollment sign-up page.
With either option, you can apply your purchase toward the full Make Your Splashes course should you decide to continue with lessons.

Read more about the other core lessons.

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